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10 Quick Car Checks to do When visiting the Seller 

When it comes to checking out your dream car  there are 10 quick car checks you can do that will help you from buying a dud. Check them out here:
Look out for dents. Viewing the car at night or when it’s raining can mask any imperfections such as dents and scratches. Always view a vehicle in the daylight.
Inspect the paintwork. A dodgy paint job could be hiding something – a possible write off or worse still a cut’n’shut.
Check that the chassis number match. To find this stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and look at the right hand corner of the dashboard. The VIN can also be found when you open the driver’s side door and look at the door post.
Inspect where the car is parked, are there any leaks?
Make sure the tread depth on each of the tyres isn’t worn out; you can check this by placing a 20p into the lowest tread. If there is room, the tyres need to be replaced.
Does the seller have all the relevant documents? The MOT certificate, V5C and service history documents should all be inspected before purchasing. Ensure that the personal details always match.
Ask the seller if they have all the original keys and how many copies exist.
Check the odometer; do all the digits align correctly? If the odeometer looks as if it has been tampered with the car may have more miles under its belt than it says. A clocked vehicle can be dangerous as routine services can be delayed.
Does the interior reflect the mileage? Clocking is not uncommon and many firms happily wind back the clock on cars in order to raise the asking price of the car. If the interior looks worn out but the mileage only says 36,000 think twice.
Look for damage on the steering wheel column and ignition. Any damage could indicate a stolen car.
Remember if something doen’t feel right, walk away. If you would like any more advice on buying and selling leave a comment below, visit us at or tweet us @hpicheck.
Happy driving,